1) My full name is Natasha Melissa Young. But I’m always called Tash or Tasha.
2) I’m originally from Guyana. No… I’m not from an island and my country is not in Africa. Actually located in South America, north of Brazil whom we share the Amazon Rainforest with and east of Venezuela. So technically, I’m American! LOL
3) Left Guyana at the age of 11 and moved to New Jersey.
4) Went to Undergraduate Nursing School in Boston which I think is one of  the best cities. If you haven’t visited, I strongly encourage you to do so!
5) After graduation, moved to Houston, TX to be with family and still here to this day. Will make 6 years this coming May. It simply amazes me how time goes by… however, missing the East Coast.
6) Full-time oncology RN at a world renowned hospital. Currently in my last year of Graduate School for Family Nurse Practitioner. Hopefully I can make it to the end. It’s tough working full-time, going to school full-time, and then there’s LIFE!
7) My favorite color is red. However, I don’t wear it often and I only have about 5 articles of clothing that are of that color.
8) I worry and stress about everyting.
9) I have never broken a bone in my life.
10) I can’t swim. But someday I do wish to learn so I can explore the coral reef. Also , I do enjoy roat rides.
11) I have a sweet tooth. My favorite desserts are ice cream and cheesecake.
12) I am a collector of US Quarters. Completed my collection of State Quarters now working on the National State Park Quarters.
13) I love traveling. Always down for an adventure. My family and friends can definitely attest to that! I’m currently planning trips to Seoul, Korea and Saint Lucia.
14) I’m allergic to Sulfa drugs and somewhat to pineapple which I believe was self-inflicted. You see when I was younger pineapples were my favorite fruit. I could easily eat an entire pineapple by myself. Now I can barely eat 2 slices because my tongue starts itching.
15) I am one of those people who is shy when you first meet them but then I relax and open up.
16) I can eat breakfast food any time of day. And I can also eat any food for breakfast.
17) I enjoy listening to a wide range of music.
18) Speaking of which, I’m sometimes too nice for my own good and have learnt from past experiences to not let people walk all over me.
19) I have an older sister and a younger brother. Middle Child Syndrome is real!
20) Autumn is my favorite season.
21) I love stationary.
22) I love change so I am always looking for new things to try or I can change.
23) I love Kpop and Kdrama.
24) When I love a song I will play it on repeat – constantly!
25) My first job during the summer prior to starting college was camp counselor at a day camp.
26) My favorite flower is hibiscus, the red variety.
27) I am terrible at texting back.
28) I do not have a green thumb, even I was able to kill a cactus.
29) I love spicy foods.
30) I love coconuts. Nothing quenches thirst like coconut water. I also like the oil for cooking and hair masks.
31) My favorite fruit is mango.
32) I really enjoy romantic comedies but I’m not a romantic.
33) My personality type is INFJ-A.
34) My ideal weather is 73 F with sunny clear skies.
35) I wish I was taller rather than being 5 ft 4.
36) When I was younger, I loved ketchup and would put it on everything.
37) Caffeine has no effect on me. I can drink it and go straight to sleep.
38) Shopping is my therapy.
39) I enjoy mystery and law tv shows.
40) I’m a city girl but I do enjoy brief escapes to the countryside.
41) My favorite snacks are nuts, cheese, and chocolate.
42) Handbags and shoes are my favorite things in fashion.
43) I hate being awoken from sleep. Whenever that happens I’m  grumpy all day.
44) I’m pretty good with directions.
45) I grew up spelling and writing British English. When I moved to America, it took awhile to transition from writing things in American English instead of British English. To this day I still mess up sometimes!
46) I’m mixed with Asian, Indian, and Black.
47) I prefer even numbers.
48) I love musicals and Broadway Shows.
49) I can crochet and knit but I prefer crochet.
50) I’m grateful to those who take the time to read and comment on my blog posts. It really does mean a lot to me!!!


Let me know a little bit about you? What do we share in common?